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TCH Rigid Handcuffs

Weight 0.42kg
£37.74 £31.45
Price in points: 3774
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TCH840: The latest in - Total Control Handcuffs by TCH. Rapidly becoming the standard forces issue - this is a... - Read More


TCH840: The latest in - Total Control Handcuffs by TCH. Rapidly becoming the standard forces issue - this is a replacement for the Hiatt Speedcuff which are no longer available.

Total Control Rigid Handcuffs have a moulded grip that fits snugly in the hand and provides greater control with speed of application.


  • 3 independently moving ratchet bars, with 6 teeth on each bar. The total of 18 teeth provides 25 locking positions and 17% larger internal circumference than standard models
  • Rotating arm backloads for speed cuffing
  • Precision engineering ensures rotating arm swings through the handcuff, engaging the ratchet bars every time
  • Double locking mechanism
  • Two standard keys are provided with each Handcuff
  • Full Compliance with N.I.J Standard 0307.01

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Weight 0.4200
Brands TCH

Reviews 3

Customers reviews

  • Snapped these in half lest saturday. Saw my dog killed on the road infront of me and fell down howling, 4-5 mins later Police driving by saw me and 1st thing they did was use these to cuff me. Found that gritting my teeth and bending in the right way they snapped in half. I have a saw wrist but nothing broken. Plus the copper wanted to charge me £85 for replacements when in fact that is twice the price of them. I suppose great for casual use but anyone a bit stronger than normal could snap them.

  • these are probably the best rigid handcuffs i have ever carried . highly recommended

  • Very good handcuffs. This is the standard handcuff model used by the police force. Ex-police decomissioned models are all fine but there's no substitute for having a brand spanking new, perfect condition, not a scratch on them, new handcuffs. I can speak from experience as I have ex-police ones with the serial ground off and brand new from here.

    Highly recommended if rigid cuffs are what you want. Although I think TCH should make a hinged cuff for the police force in this length, to maintain security and control of suspects while creating more comfort potential especially in non-stacked positions.

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