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Chemical Response

Here at Police Supplies, we stock a full range of chemical and acid response kit products. Our chemical and acid response kit products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards for chemical and acid hazard containment and as a neutralisation system for liquid and vapour chemical and acid spills, releases and attacks. These products help First Emergency Responders to have the equipment, an enhanced system, to ensure ultimate protection and response when faced with a wide variety of known and unknown chemical and acid hazards. Our chemical and acid response kit products have proven to quickly contain and destroy a wide range of toxic chemicals and acids, including common industrial chemicals and acids to minimise exposure and reduce on-site incident management and clean-up times, as well as many industrial solvents and chemical warfare agents to literally save lives of responders and victims. They aid to rapidly mitigate these chemical and acid hazards safely, immediately and efficiently, leaving a safe residue. Professional forces around the world rely on these chemical and acid response kit products when they are needed most; in the line of duty, in training and during acid and chemical attacks.