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Deluxe Glove Holder

£6.98 £5.82
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E16 Deluxe Glove Holder. When leather gets wet and is exposed to the elements it can, if not looked... - Read More


E16 Deluxe Glove Holder.

When leather gets wet and is exposed to the elements it can, if not looked after correctly quickly become dry, brittle and even crack. The best way to prevent this is to naturally air dry it, the E16 glove holder does just that helping prolong the life of your gloves.The E16 is made from tough military grade elastic and has secure press stud closure keeping your gloves safe on your belt when not in use.

Tech spec

  • Designed to conveniently carry your gloves close at hand for quick and easy access.
  • Glove air-dries naturally so maximum tactile sensitivity can be maintained.
  • Can be attached onto Duty belts upto 55mm, for quick and easy access.
  • With the pess-stud closure your glove can be detached quickly with little effort.

More Information
Weight 0.020000
Clothing Gloves
Colour Black
Brands Protec
upc 5060268029729

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  • Not bad but could be better

    I got this to keep my needle stick gloves when doing house searches. I found that although the elastic closure for the gloves is very firm, it can be difficult to get thicker gloves in it. You could fit patrol gloves but public order/search gloves are too big.

    I also think the belt loop is not good at all, the button constantly pops off my belt, and even after I used duct tape to keep it closed it still falls off. Its nice for quick release but It leaves me constantly checking if I've dropped my gloves in someones house...

    I've since modified the belt loop by sewing it closed. This seems to work okay for now, but keep this belt loop in mind because you could lose your gloves. I will be looking for another holder.

  • Fantastic bit of kit!!
    Until I bought this, I had endless trouble with my gloves. I either had them uncomfortably tucked into my belt or in one of my trouser pockets. I was always moving them about and frequently left them in my duty bag rather than carry them around. This caused problems when on foot patrol or away from the car.

    This simple and cheap product sorts out that problem and means that I always have them to hand whatever i'm doing.

  • You don't realise you need this - until you have it!!!
    So simple, but so effective. All my colleagues shove their gloves into their belt and they are just a complete pain. A necessary evil - that just gets in the way when not in use. But this simple little clip keeps them out of the way, secure and looks smart and professional. You don't realise how good this is until you have it. I used to spend the whole shift making sure I'd not put them down and lost them - don't even give them a passing thought anymore.